Health Minister Visit
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Health Minister Visit

AIMU was graced by the visit of Hon’ble Health Minister Alvina Reynolds on 24th January 2012. She was accompanied by her Permanent Secretary Mr. Barnabas Annius. Ms. Reynolds was given a tour of the AIMU facility by CEO Dr. Raj S. Babu. Also in attendance were the Vice President of AIMU, Ms Paule Turmel-John; Dean of Basic Sciences, Dr Sanjoy Sanyal; and the Associate Deans, Dr Dmitri Tonkopi and Mrs. Grissel Leon. The tour included the main campus building, the labs, classrooms, library, online Exam center, site for future OPD’s and the cafeteria. Thereafter the group retired to the hi-tech Media Room for a PowerPoint presentation on Dialysis by Dr Tonkopi and Dr Raj Babu. This was followed by a discussion on the role AIMU is likely to play in the future regarding installing Dialysis Units for the CRF patients of St. Lucia.

Pictures of the event

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